Will Bear Grylls be there?

Bear will not be present or providing instruction in person. All instructors at the Bear Grylls Survival Academy in Ireland are hand-picked by Bear and trained in “bear-approved” dynamic self-rescue techniques.

How physically fit do I (or my child) need to be?

The BGSA Ireland Survival Courses are designed to bring out the best in the participants via physical and mental challenges. In order to get the most out of the Activities, it is suggested that the participants are reasonably fit and active.

Due to the physical nature of the Activities, this activity is not suited for women who are pregnant.

Ask yourself these questions about your child:

  • Are they active?
  • Are they happy to be away from home for night?
  • Are they determined?
  • Are there any concerns that you need to make the staff aware of (medical, emotional and physical)?

If any participant has any health conditions or injuries (including but not limited to the following); non-controlled epilepsy, pregnancy, back injury, shoulder injury, neck injury, sprained or weak limbs, heart condition, for safety reasons, they cannot participate at any Activities.

If you have any questions about Health and Fitness for the award, please contact our team in the office.

Do I need to book in advance? Do I need a minimum number of people to book in?

Yes, advanced booking is required at least 24 hours in advance. Call our sales office on 01-6902070. We accept Visa, Mastercard or Laser Cards. You will need to pay the full amount when booking. You will receive an email confirmation to confirm your booking with directions.

No minimum numbers at the moment but minimum numbers may be subject to change.

Will our group be on our own?

Other people may be booked in at the same time and activity as you especially during busy times. All people booked in for the same activity and start time will be divided into maximum group sizes of 12 people and each group will have their own instructor.

What should I wear and bring with?

We advise that you wear outdoor clothing that you won’t mind getting grubby or even damaged. Please note all of the clothing and equipment that you bring, must be appropriate to the environment and the time of year. Many sites are in open areas so expect high winds and rain.

All meals, selected kit & accommodation included for the duration of the course.

Please Arrive Wearing:

  • Robust Mountain Boots or Shoe (No open-toed or slip-off shoes)
  • Good walking/trekking socks
  • Base layer, mid layer and outer (i.e. t shirt or wicking top and bottoms, long sleeved top, jumper/fleece or jacket)
  • Cotton Outdoor Trousers

Overnight activities: In a Duffle bag/Ruck sack please bring with you:

  • Extra Fleece/Warm Jumper x 2
  • Gloves and Hat
  • Water and windproof trousers and jacket
  • Personal medication (all medical info should be informed before the start of the award, it must be handed to members of staff and advice on administration must be given before the start of the course through the medical consent form)
  • X2 pair of spare Socks and x2 Underwear
  • Spare clean T-Shirt x 2
  • Spare Trousers x 2
  • X2 pair of spare Sock
  • X2 Underwear
  • Wash bag and Towel
  • Camera (in a waterproof bag)
  • And a large bag of enthusiasm and smiles!

Please note: that during the summer months especially insects are attracted to strong scented perfumes, aftershaves, lotions and hair products. Jewellery is not permitted if participating at any BGSA Ireland activities. BGSA Ireland staff will not hold or mind Jewellery for Participants during events

What if it’s raining or the weather is bad?

The great Irish weather likes to keep us on our toes and if it is raining, you may well get wet, but you can have just as much fun in the rain as you can in the sun. Survival Courses operate year round and take place in almost all weather conditions.

Always prepare for the worst weather and have waterproofs and a hat with you, just in case. No refunds are given if you have booked and paid but choose not to go on the course due to bad weather.

In the unlikely situation where very bad weather (lightning, high winds, snow or ice) makes it unsafe a Survival Course may to be closed at the discretion of the site manager. Every attempt will be made to contact you and this is made easier if mobile telephone numbers have been provided at the time of booking.

Are there discounts for group bookings?

While we cater for small groups and individuals, most people will organise a good crew for their outdoor adventure. We do provide tailored packages for larger groups and for corporate bookings that may be subject to discounts.

What are the opening times? When should I get there?

BGSA Ireland Survival Courses run on the 3rd Saturday of Every Month.

Remember you must book in advance so we have an instructor available for you. Please ensure you arrive on time. We suggest that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your booking slot.

Late arrivals that miss their session, together with on the day cancellations will be charged at full price. So please arrive in good time to avoid any stress and disappointment.


You may cancel your booking once you contact us a minimum of 7 days prior to your booked start time. Cancellation requests must be made to the sales office by calling 01-6902070. You will be fully refunded.

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